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A Journey of Terror and Hope

Tears pouring from her large dark eyes, Nohemí described her journey. She was a teacher and loved her students. She had no need nor desire to live in a country other than her own. With a husband and 3 young sons, she was content. But, her husband’s brothers became “mareros” (gang members) and began pressuring her husband to do the same. In response, his violence against her began and escalated. She went to the authorities; they removed him from the home. In retaliation, he came after her at school – and his violence there caused her to lose her teaching job. Seeking assistance from law enforcement again, they told her, “We got him out of your house. That’s all we can do. Don’t call us again.” She called her mother, “I have to leave. If I don’t, my sons will soon be motherless.”

She could not believe how crowded the detention facilities in Texas were. Her children cried pitilessly. But, the officers there agreed she had “credible fear,” a requirement to even begin an asylum claim. A cousin in Minnesota offered her a place to live and a job in her cleaning company. But, she was not paid as everything she made "barely covered" her room and board, she was told. A man in the house began sexually harassing her. She and her little ones clung to one another in the tiny bedroom as he shook the flimsy door. She knew she had to run once again.

Nohemí remembered a childhood friend who had gone to work in Wyoming. Through him, she contacted Immigrant Hope for help. While she is far from a final answer, she was so grateful for the support we provided, she stopped by the office with a gift - a watermelon.

Would you assist Immigrant Hope WY/ID in offering legal relief to the surprisingly large number of people arriving in our area with legitimate asylum claims? Help us fund the lengthy legal process necessary to put their living nightmares to sleep forever!